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Friday, April 26, 2019

Animal Emergency Clinic of McLean County (AEC) will be moving their facilities and services to
118 Greenwood Ave. beginning Wednesday, May 1, 2019.
AEC Phone Number: (309) 665-5020
This is the current and continued location of Highland Pet Hospital and Wellness Center.


How will this affect you and your pet?

Highland Pet Hospital and Animal Emergency Clinic will share the same building, but will continue to operate as separate businesses. This space sharing strategy evolved as a way to attract and retain emergency veterinarians to our community by improving the facilities and wrap around supports available to emergency veterinarians.

Highland Pet Hospital Hours of Operation:

Primary Care Appointments and Prompt Care Service:
Monday through Friday - 8am to 5:30 pm

Surgical and Hospitalization/Procedures Admission:
Monday through Friday - 7am to 8am

Saturday 8am to 12pm (Noon): Same day sick patient appointments

While our hours of operation will not change overall, services available at 7am will change. Prompt Care appointments will not be available until 8am. Highland will be open at 7am for Hospitalization and Surgical Admissions. Prompt Care and Primary Care appointments begin at 8am.

Highland patients with emergencies will be seen by the Animal Emergency Clinic veterinarians from 6pm until 8am. If a patient is stable and wishes to wait for Highland’s Prompt Care at 8am, that opportunity is available.

Animal Emergency Clinic Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday (overnights) 6pm to 8am and Friday 6pm through Monday 8am.

Shared Hours of Operation:
During common business hours (7-8am Mon-Fri and Sat 8am to noon) both businesses will be open. Highland and AEC staff will be clearly designated to help you navigate your visit. Do let us know if you experience any difficulties so we can make the path better for you and for others.

Services Offered:

  • Highland Pet Hospital will have no change in veterinary services offered during its hours of operation.
  • Animal Emergency Clinic offers emergency and intensive medical care and emergency surgical services, triage, and after hours support for your pets.
  • Animal Emergency Clinic will not provide preventative care/vaccinations, elective surgeries, prescription food or medication refills.
  • Animal Emergency Clinic can access Highland patient medical records if available to enhance emergency medical care.



Highland Pet Hospital and Animal Emergency Clinic are separate businesses with separate billing systems and fees.

Patients cared for by both Highland and Animal Emergency Clinic will incur separate charges payable to each veterinary business respectively. For example, a Highland patient who is transferred to Animal Emergency Clinic for same day after hours care will incur charges from Highland AND from Animal Emergency Clinic.

Highland and Animal Emergency Clinic will strive to keep you up to date on estimates and invoices for services provided during your pet’s stay. Please remain aware of the separate businesses and associated fees.


  • No car rides needed to transfer sick pets for emergency care
  • Medical Records for your pet shared with Animal Emergency Clinic
  • A familiar place!
  • Improved community veterinary emergency services


Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. Our hope is that emergency services for your pet and the community’s pets will be improved with this move!

-- Highland Pet Hospital