Welcome to Highland Pet Hospital and Wellness Center! We are a multi-doctor small animal clinic that has been practicing veterinary medicine in Bloomington, Illinois for over 60 years. We want you and your pet to feel at home when you visit our clinic!

We hope your experience here will leave you both feeling like a part of our family. Our doctors and staff not only want you to be comfortable, but most importantly we want your pet to feel comfortable coming here.

February 28, 2022: COVID-19 Update

At this time, we are allowing owners to come in with their pets for exam and prompt care appointments.

Our reception area currently remains closed unless accompanied by a staff member.

When you arrive for your appointment, please call from your vehicle, (309) 828-7722.

We will get you checked in and someone will notify you when you can come into the building.

Once you enter the building, your veterinary assistant will meet you and your pet at the door and will take you directly into an exam room.